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Thu Feb 18 07:22:06 EST 1993

John Moulder (jmoulder at post.its.mcw.edu) wrote:
: > I have been using Reference Manager for over two years now
: > with very few complaints and many praises.

: I'm another satisfied RefMan customer, but I think most of the 
: other commerical products are essentially just as good.

So am I.

And several colleagues are already seriously interested in setting
up databases of bibliography for their research teams.

If you write to them, I believe they will send you a demo version
free of charge, either for the mac or for the PC.

What I like most is the ability to search the database while
I am wordprocessing, and to paste reference ids onto the text.
What I wish they would incorporate is the ability to continue
entering text in the word processor while having the retrieved
entries in view, or even cut and paste across the windows.

With Refman, the final manuscript can be changed to whatever
bibliographic format I wish just with several keystrokes.

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