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Hello molbio netlanders -

I just can't let this one go by uncontested.

In <9302180457.AA20119 at net.bio.net> Dave "KNECHT%UCONNVM.bitnet" complains
about GCG:

> ... and from my experience with GCG, I expect it to die a slow death that I 
> will shed no tears over.  I hate having to work with a manual open on my lap.

I believe that Dave is terribly mistaken.  In my experience, GCG is THE BEST
all around commercial package available in this field.  Their technical support
staff are A #1 and ALWAYS promptly reply to questions with solutions and those
that are not immediately resolved usually only require a couple of days.  If
having to always have a manual available is a problem, try running their
programs with the CHECK qualifier -- this gives you an instant online list of
all available options and the chance to use them.  Or if you don't like their
command interface try one of the GCGShell routines available.  I do believe
that you have not really bothered to give GCG a chance (No flame intended).

> Some have heard that development at Los Alamos in regard to the Human
> Genome Project is targetted at Unix workstations (Sun Sparc) ....

Unix operating systems are obviously becoming the mainstay of this field and
GCG has not ignored this important observation.  Their package has been
available for the Unix OS for over a year now.  And, yes, many projects are
being developed to access the Human Genome Project and most, including our own
Dick Douthart at PNL, Battelle, do utilize the GUI available within Unix.

		A VERY satisfied GCG user and teacher, Steve Thompson

all standard disclaimers apply; these are only my own opinions!

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