Future software directions

Wed Feb 17 23:51:33 EST 1993

Greetings to the mol bio software experts out there-  My department is trying t
o make some computer buying decisions with insight into future trends.  We are
currently running MacVector on Macs and have GCG running on a VAX.  The questio
n has come up as to the future directions.  I see lots of development going on
in the PC world and from my experience with GCG, I expect it to die a slow deat
h that I will shed no tears over.  I hate having to work with a manual open on
my lap.  Some have heard that development at Los Alamos in regard to the Human
Genome Project is targetted at Unix workstations (Sun Sparc) as opposed to PC's
.  Any opinions or facts out there related to this information and the general
utility of Macs vs. Suns for all the things we will want to do for protein and
DNA analysis in the not to distant future?  Dave

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