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Paul Berti Paul.Berti at BRI.NRC.CA
Thu Feb 18 10:07:30 EST 1993

John Moulder (jmoulder at post.its.mcw.edu) wrote:
> I have been using Reference Manager for over two years now
> with very few complaints and many praises.

One caveat on Refman:  I've been using Refman for several years now
and have approx. 1900 references entered.  A few months ago I realized
that at least one reference was corrupted. Reference #909, which
contains the string "NCO-700" in the title became reference #700, as
well as #909.  The original #700, whatever that may have been, has
disappeared, n'er to be seen again.  Because of Refman's file
structures, you can't just go in and poke around to see what the
problem is.  I don't know how widespread this problem may have been,
and there haven't been any more problems recently, but I'm
half waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I hate to cause doubts about what has otherwise been an excellent
product, but there is a chance, however small, the Refman may actually
not be perfect.

Paul Berti
berti at bri.nrc.ca

Disclaimer:  If it doesn't hydrolyze peptide bonds, NRC doesn't care
what I think about it.

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