Christoph Gartmann gartmann at VMS.MPIIB-FREIBURG.MPG.dbp.de
Wed Feb 17 06:49:54 EST 1993


EMBL has changed the encoding of GCG-menu. As many people had difficulties
dealing with the MFTU format, the package is now ZIPed and UUEncoded. The
filename is GCGMENU.UAA , the format for FTP file-transfer is ASCII and it
is 170 kb in size (resulting in two messages when requested via e-mail).

Both, UUD and UNZIP, are available from the EMBL-fileserver as well. Please
note that you need at lest UNZIP V5.0p1 to decompress the files properly.

  Christoph Gartmann

P.S.: GCG-menu is actually adapted to GCG V7.2

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