ProCite vs. Papyrus

dale webb dwebb at unl.edu
Tue Feb 16 11:37:23 EST 1993

Last I checked, ProCite cost about $500; Papyrus is probably about $100.

ProCite required the text to be formatted as ASCII text and would not use 
native word processor files (it was an older version that I checked, 
perhaps this has been remedied.)  Papyrus used almost all of the 
best-selling word processor formats directly.

I never used ProCite but I know that Papyrus actually WORKS!  I used 
NoteBook and it's companion program for years and Papyrus was a welcome 

Just my $0.02 worth.
   Dale Webb

PS. You can reach the author of Papyrus on the net at 
RSD at appletalk.apple.com.  (I hope that's right; if not, let me know and I'll
find the right address.  Tell them I sent you.  I don't think they'll hold 
it against you! ;-)

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