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Curtis R. Altmann curtis at zenith.berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 16 14:04:27 EST 1993

I have been using Reference Manager for over two years now
with very few complaints and many praises.

One complaint is the cost, it is over $300 when one gets the
proffesional version with a few add-ons.  I have the Capture
module which allows one to import references from just about
every known database.

This program is very easy to learn.  Most of the screens have
help and one can bring up menus very easily.  The program is
very fast: I never wait for the program to find a reference.

The program allows the generation of bibliographies in any format
that you can think of and a journal format add-on is available.
It recognizes all the major word processing programs and again,
the procedure is very very simple.

I have compared this program to End-note and End-note plus (the mac
and PC versions respectively) and find that the Endnote products
fall short of the features provided by Refman.  I have no information
on Papyrus or Procite.  The unique database structure of Refman
allows easy entry, retrieval and manipulation on a global level.
A final advantage is that one licenses the database; one can run
the program on more than one computer and simply move the database
as needed.

I have no financial or other ties to the Reference Information

I hope that this is of some help.  Unfortunately I don't have the
phone number of the company handy.

Curtis Altmann
UC Berkeley
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
curtis at mendel.berkeley.edu

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