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I am manager of Computer network systems in 
National Cancer Center (Tokyo JAPAN).

We now started to provide some informations to the gopher world.
Although it is still a preliminary one, our database must be
very usfull to people working in biological reserch works and 
medical doctors who is engaged in cancer treatment.
We also are going to put information about our country.

One of our database (cancernet) is a cooperation program with
National Cancer Institute (NIH,USA). 

Our server informations are as below.

Name= National Cancer Center, Tokyo JAPAN

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please send mail to me.

Best regards,

H.Mizushima   Biophysics Div. National Cancer Center Research Institute
            Address:    5-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104 JAPAN
            Telephone:  +81-3-3542-2511 ex.4126
            Fax:        +81-3-3546-1369
            E-mail:     hmizushi at gan.ncc.go.jp

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