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Hello there fellow gophers,

Announcing the arrival of our new Bio-Gopher to serve the medical research
community in general and the genomic researchers in particular.  

The Internet connection details are as follows:

Name=Human Genome Mapping Project Gopher Service (UK)

Please note some major hardware upgrades are planned for tomorrow, 16/Feb, so
external connectivity may well be hampered during this period.  But please try

Best regards,  


 Mr. N. Hirani,                               |  
 Computing Services,                          | Janet      : N.Hirani at uk.ac.crc
 MRC Clinical Research Centre and             |  
 Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre,| Internet   : N.Hirani at crc.ac.uk
 Watford Rd, HARROW, Middx, HA1 3UJ           | 
 Tel: (+44) 81-869 3297                       | EARN/Bitnet: N.Hirani%crc at ukacrl
 Fax: (+44) 81-423 1275                       | 

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists 
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