GenPept, do we need it?

Sun Feb 14 23:50:58 EST 1993

Stephen -

> The announcement by Mark Gunnell of the Genpept rel.75 reminds me of a
> question I have always had about Genpept. If the translation of the ORF of a
> sequence in Genbank is within the description why can't the search programs
> use this information to do protein searches instead of having another
> database with all of its redundant data (i.e. Genpept)? Does Genpept have
> more ORF translations than exist in the nucleic acid database's description
> section of each record? 
No, GenPept is derived _entirely_ from the the "/translation=" features
in Genbank.  As an administrator of sequence data, I know I am always looking
for a way to conserve disk space, so I am hoping the next generation of
searching software will be able to use the raw data of Genbank more 
intelligently.  Until then, since I'm creating GenPept anyway, I thought 
I'd make it available to anyone else who needs it.

> Would it be a good idea to update the search programs and phase out Genpept?

Absolutely,  I'm anticipating the day that GenPept is no longer useful as a
separate database.

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