How to use EPD33.seq database with the Wisconsin package?

Sat Feb 13 12:53:00 EST 1993

Dear helpers,
I have got via FTP the file epd33.seq containing the Euk. Prom. database
from the ncbi repository FTP archive, as suggested by Dan Jacobson recently
on the net. I would like to perform a comparison of my favorite promoter
sequence to this database. I have access here to the Wisconsin GCG
package on a Vax. However if I use the Fasta implementation of GCG, it 
does not recognize the format of the EPD33.seq database, and find
no sequence to compare my sequence to. Knowing that I am a computer 
hemi-imbecilus, can the net provide me with a simple and easy way to solve
my problem. I would be forever gratefull.

Jo the biologist 

alias Eric Schoonejans (ES @ JII.AFRC.AC.UK)

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