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                       INTERNATIONAL COURSE 


                  Moscow, September 13-17, 1993

  Organizers: A.Mirzabekov (Engelhardt Institute of Molecular
              Biology, Moscow), P.Pearson (GDB, Baltimore),
              L.Philipson (EMBL, Heidelberg)

The International lecture course "Data banks and computer
support of the human genome project" under HUGO-UNESCO 
sponsorship is aimed at disseminating information on the existing 
data banks in the fields of molecular biology and genome studies. 
Special attention will be given to the problem of integration of
scientists from Eastern Europe and developing countries into the
international information networks. The attendants will discuss
the structure of existing databanks, applied program packages, as
well as general principles of retrieval and use of biological
information. Special emphasis will be put on the nucleotide
sequence databases, human genes databases, physical mapping of
human chromosomes, medical-genetic and protein data banks.
Detailed information will be also given on the databases and 
software available in Russia. The necessary facilities, both
hardware and software corresponding to the world standards, will
be provided by the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and
the Russian National Human Genome Project. 

The tentative list of speakers includes: P.Pearson
(Baltimore), K.Fasman (Baltimore), E.Branscomb (Livermore),
G.Cameron (Heidelberg), S.Pongor (Trieste), R.Landgridge (San
Francisco), Thomas Marr (Cold Spring Harbor), D.Brutlag (Stanford),
E.Uberbacher (Oak Ridge), A.Mironov (Moscow), Y.Lysov (Moscow),
V.Tumanyan (Moscow). A.Alexandrov (Moscow), V.Kulichkov (Novosibirsk),
N.Kolchanov (Novosibirsk).

The Course is open to qualified scientists from all countries.
Registration fee (including accomodation, meals, etc.) is US $500.
Travel expences to Moscow and back should be covered by applicants

The deadline for applications is April 1, 1993. 

Applications should be sent to 

            Mrs. Valentina Tsitovich, 
            The Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, 
            Vavilov str., 32, Moscow 117984, Russia, 
            FAX: (7095) 135-14-05; 
            E-mail: tsitov at imb.msk.su.(internet)
                    or makarv%imb.mb.free at suearn2.(bitnet)

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