looking for VAX or Unix bibliography software

Christoph Gartmann gartmann at VMS.MPIIB-FREIBURG.MPG.dbp.de
Fri Feb 12 06:04:06 EST 1993


We are using PAPYRUS from Research Software Design on our VAX.
Main advantages:
  - is able to import and export almost any bibliographic format
  - easy to use
  - very nice manual
  - supports not only 'articles' but also 'books', 'thesises', 'maps',...
  - cheap & friendly license policy

  - doesn't support DEC technical characters and national character sets
  - the location of some files is not optimal

There's a version for PC-DOS as well. Mac is supposed to be available in the
near future.
  Research Software Design
  2718 SW Kelly Street
  Suite 181
  Portland, OR 97201
  (503) 796-1368

  Christoph Gartmann

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