Grant templates for PC/Mac??

Bruce T. Blakely blakely at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 11 18:38:39 EST 1993

I have recently been given some templates for NIH grant forms for PHS398
and PHS 2590. I am not sure where these were downloaded from, but they
originated with John Livesey at U. Wash (I am asking him the below
questions also, but thought that I would ask the net too...).

The version I have is version 2.0 from 4/92, for use with Macintosh
Word 4.0/5.0 and Excel 3.0.

I would like to find these forms in IBM/PC format. Does anyone have them?
If no one has done this, I will attempt to translate them to IBM format
using the translators in the Mac versions to save them in Word and Excel
for Windows formats; however, I am not optimistic about retaining all of the
formatting this way.

Are the Mac versions the most recent; are there additional templates for
other forms available? Where are these forms archived? Am I asking the 
right newsgroup?

Thanks for any help
Bruce Blakely
blakely at cmgm

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