IUBio Archive update

Don Gilbert gilbertd at fly.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Feb 9 16:22:22 EST 1993

The IUBio Archive is getting back to normal after a disk
crash several days ago.  The Drosophila Stock Center has
replaced the dead disk with a new one.  

Here is a partial list of new information available at IUBio archive,
either thru anonymous ftp or using Internet Gopher to ftp.bio.indiana.edu. 

New files in the IUBio-Software+Data section (or the ftp section)

  326771 Dec 11 ./biology/ibmpc/ml.zip 
    4735 Feb  9 ./flybase/...

    1828 Jan 19 ./molbio/codon/anopheles.codons 
   31413 Feb  3 ./molbio/data/rebase 
  306637 Jan 24 ./molbio/ibmpc/win-blast.zip 
  309633 Jan 24 ./molbio/ibmpc/win-irx.zip 
   60715 Dec 13 ./molbio/ibmpc/bed100.zip 
   81130 Dec 19 ./molbio/ibmpc/dprel3-0.zip
  347703 Dec  4 ./molbio/loopdloop/loopdloop-update.hqx 
 1243157 Dec 31 ./molbio/mac/genconkit-demo/...
   54027 Dec  1 ./molbio/mac/human-chromosomes.hqx 
  112664 Jan 25 ./molbio/mac/yeaststrain.hqx 
  105073 Jan 10 ./molbio/mac/digispeak122.hqx 
  172665 Feb  2 ./molbio/readseq/readseq.shar 
   41835 Dec 13 ./molbio/search/prosearch2.1.shar.Z 
     319 Feb  4 ./molbio/other/yeast-email.doc 

  226648 Jan 24 ./util/vms/vms-fileutils.uue 

Also, many of you have pledged funds to purchase an additional 
disk drive for this archive.  I very much appreciate your support 
for this expansion.  

Enough money has been pledged to purchase an added gigabyte disk drive.
As well, people at NSF and NIH have suggested I could seek funds
thru supplements to existing grants here.  

There has been a very positive response from individuals and organizations
around the world, to this request for funds to improve this archive.
A disk drive purchased from your contributions will belong
to the IUBio archive, for the first time, rather than to another project.  
These contributions are coming in now, and I hope to have enough
to purchase the drive in the next few weeks.
Until now IUBio Archive has lived in the goodwill part of cyberspace,
finding its home in under-utilized portions of equipment.  But it
is now using a significant chunk of real resources, and those
many of you who have pledged support for its new disk drive
can be pleased to know you will provide this archive with a
first real home of its own.   If the archive should move to another 
computer (as it has moved 4 times in the past 4 years), then
it will now be able to move with its own disk.

				Thank you,

				Don Gilbert
Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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