Laurent Excoffier excoffie at sc2a.unige.ch
Tue Feb 9 07:44:15 EST 1993


does anyone know of a good population genetics software able to compute
different statistics like :

- gene and haplotype frequencies
- linkage disequilibrium between loci
- molecular diversity, within and/or among populations
- population structure indices

and carry out several test useful in the area of population genetics and
ecology like :

- Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
- neutrality tests (one or several loci)
- population sub-structuring
- genetic variance heterogeneity among populations

I would appreciate receiving comments on the existing softwares in this field,
and to know on which platform they are developped (Mac, PC, Sun, etc...).

The goal of these questions is that if such a software does not yet exist,
we may develop it ourselves. So comments are also welcome on what should be 
included in the "ideal" population genetics package...

Many thanks

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