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>As contributed by the Finnish node of EMBnet, SUPER also runs on SUN com-
>puters. They've further made it run as a 'telnet hole' by making  entries 
>in /etc/services and /usr/etc/inetd.conf accordingly. 

	There are a couple of ways to try this out at the moment
	You can give the following command

	telnet finsun.csc.fi 2001

	or you can fire up gopher and point it at the Finnish EMBnet BioBox
	and have a look in the FAQ files directory. Under SUPER-GCG.
	I guess this is a first for using gopher for collecting data.
	I made up a simple script to ask questions about GCG, but SUPER
	will allow you to design questionaires just about anything.
	You are only limited by your own imagination.

                              FAQ Files

      1.  EMBnet: Information.
      2.  EMBnet: Internet resources guide.
      3.  All FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Searches and Archives/
      4.  EMBnet nodes FAQ/
      5.  GCG_Projects/
      6.  Help files from E-mail servers in biology./
      7.  Important Documents from Bionet/
 -->  8.  SUPER-GCG (questionaire) <TEL>
      9.  The BIOSCI FAQ I/
      10. The BIOSCI FAQ II/
      11. The BioBit Collection./
      12. The Materials and Methods FAQ/


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