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Sun Feb 7 10:41:00 EST 1993

Tom Zucker-Scharff ("zucker at aecom.yu.edu") wrote:

> After reading a number of postings here, I ventured out into the cold cruel
> world of FTP.  My purpose: obtain gcgmenu program for bedraggled users.  I
> have been only somewhat successful (or not successful at all, depending how
> one views it).  I have all the required files on my disk, but when I edit
> then cat the five gcgmenu files from the netserver then try to run them as
> a command file to obtain either a zip or mftu file, I only get errors.

What you actually got from the EMBL-fileserver is already the MFTU-file. MFTU
does a 7-bit encoding, you don't need to make a VMS-share archive out of it.
Provided that you got GCGMENU.MFT by mail, you have five parts. Remove all
mail-header information and concatenate all the parts into one single file.
Next, decode it using MFTU. To get a copy of MFTU do the following:

Send a message to
containing the line
When you receive the result (five parts), extract it from VMS-Mail and store
and concatenate all parts in one file (e.g. TOOLS.COM). Finally execute
the procedure
This file is a VMS-Share archive and is self-extracting. You'll get executables
for LZDCMP, UnZip and MFTU.

To decode GCGMENU.MFT define a symbol for MFTU
   MFTU :== $disk:[directory]MFTU
Then type
and you will retrieve two files, GCG-MENU021.A and README.TXT . Install the
backup saveset GCG-MENU021.A as described in README.TXT using
(You need SYSTEM privileges to do that)

Happy unpacking...
   Christoph Gartmann

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