Thomas Zucker-Scharff x3513 zucker at ksksun.bioc.aecom.yu.edu
Thu Feb 4 16:27:55 EST 1993

After reading a number of postings here, I ventured out into the cold cruel
world of FTP.  My purpose: obtain gcgmenu program for bedraggled users.  I
have been only somewhat successful (or not successful at all, depending how one
views it).  I have all the required files on my disk, but when I edit then cat 
the five gcgmenu files from the netserver then try to run them as a command file 
to obtain either a zip or mftu file, I only get errors.  

I know earlier postings said how to do this, but there is something I must have 
missed.  Could someone please reiterate the instructions for me.



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