postscript viewer for DOS

Fri Feb 5 15:25:40 EST 1993

Well I am rarther apprehensive about asking this question now as it is
not directly related to computers in biology (re the extensine moanings
about intel chips on this group!) other than to help a biologist produce
better presentations of his work.

Well the question is simple does anyone know of a program for mswindows that
would allow me to view a postscript file and that is ftp'able (OK and buy'able)
The reason I ask is that my department is thinking of buying a slide maker
from polaroid which works through windows and to make it usable by alot of
people it would be nice just to print to disc as postscript, go to the machine
look at the files in windows and then send them to the slide maker (it works
like a windows printer driver).

Well heres hoping

David Salt

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