PC 80486 and bionet ?

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu
Thu Feb 4 10:24:23 EST 1993

> Ok, agreeably, there is more to a "software" group than just discussion of
> software development, or its use or its installation - but it's a standing
> joke around here that about the only thing you don't see in bionet software
> is things related to the problems associated with writing and using software
> in the biological field. 
[stuff deleted]
> I get
> more amusement from reading the list of subject lines in here than I get from
> rec.humour.funny on a typical day.

Then you must be sorely in need of amusement that you bother to read it.
Consider a pet.

> I believe in orthogonality - we have groups for discussing pure hardware
> problems and we have groups for discussion of purely biological problems,
> and the things which can't be resolved in either belong to that blissful
> area in the middle which is the fascinating interaction between disciplines.
> I just get annoyed that I can't see the discussion in that interface for
> all the noise coming from both sides.

Spare me/us the arrogance of pseudo-intellectual purity.  Expending this much
effort to quell a discussion, particularly one that was started by a
question, is basically immature.

> Why can't we have a decent discussion on something like "What issues are
> involved in the automation of mapping procedures for a project like
> the Human Genome Mapping". 

Perhaps you should begin one; that would be constructive.

> I will keep my mouth shut now maybe.


Ernie Retzel
ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu

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