Windows interested people!

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Wed Feb 3 16:37:16 EST 1993

wmelchior at ntet.nctr.fda.gov writes:

>> before you people jump on the bandwagon of getting a window love_in
>> group together, maybe you should look at what is already out there:

>> fj.windows.gmw:
>> fj.windows.misc: 1-14
>> fj.windows.x: 1-332
>> ba.windows.x:


>We have only partial usenet access: biosci, comp, and sci.  What are the fj 
>and ba groups?


fj is from japan, and ba is "bay area"

I must admit these groups rarely get read by this user!

The policy here seems to be:"we get it all" and the reader writes a
good init file.             



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