Windows interested people!

Francis Ouellette francis
Wed Feb 3 17:08:10 EST 1993

Dear David,

> Unfortunatly for me I only have access to internet through our large, old
> CMS machine which does not provide me with access to usenet, thus a
> windows bulletin board which is avalible to me via Email would be of
> interest to me. 

I didn't want to sound condensending, although I may have.  "Windows" 
has a way of bringing that out in me!  Even though I use it quite a bit.

I did a search of the windows groups which are available by a listservers, 
and I came up with a few of them:

WFW-L            WFW-L at UMDD        Microsoft Windows for Workgroups
WIN-VAX          WIN-VAX at UMDD      MS-Windows interfaces to VAX-Rdb
WIN3-L           WIN3-L at UICVM      Microsoft Windows Version 3 Forum
WKSH-L           WKSH-L at UCSFVM     Windowing Korn Shell Discussion List.
WPWIN-L          WPWIN-L at UBVM      WordPerfect For Windows Discussion List

So if you want to subscribe to any of these, send a message to 
"listserv at uicvm.bitnet" which would read:

sub win3-l David Salt

if you wanted to subscribe to the "Microsoft Windows Version 3 Forum"



| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| manager, yeast chromosome I & XVI sequencing project
| dept of biology, McGill university, Montreal, Qc, Canada
| francis at monod.biol.mcgill.ca

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