Windows interested people!

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Tue Feb 2 23:42:33 EST 1993

A8471DAB at vm.univie.ac.at (Dr. Ch. Wawrosch/Prof.Dr. B. Kopp) writes:

>>If your interested in some opinions on various windows software, and
>>want my thoughts, just send my a note... maybe we could setup a mail
>>windows support group - sounds good to me :)
>>                             D.P.

>Hi D.P.,
>sounds good, please add me to your list:

>Chris Wawrosch
>Univ. of Vienna
>e-mail: a8471dab at awiuni11.edvz.univie.ac.at

before you people jump on the bandwagon of getting a window love_in
group together, maybe you should look at what is already out there:

if I grep my .newsrc file for windows, I get these groups:
(OK, besides the first one :-) I am sure you can find something for
your liking ...  and if you don't have usenet access .... this would
probably be a good reason to get it! 

comp.os.ms-windows: 1-18
comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy: 1-3752
comp.os.ms-windows.announce: 1-111
comp.os.ms-windows.apps: 1-7738
comp.os.ms-windows.misc: 1-6673
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer: 1-32
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.misc: 1-5655
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools: 1-2297
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32: 1-3268
comp.os.ms-windows.setup: 1-2932
comp.windows.interviews! 1-1093
comp.windows.misc: 1-891
comp.windows.ms: 1-3030
comp.windows.ms.programmer: 1-2293
comp.windows.news: 1-521
comp.windows.open-look: 1-2638
comp.windows.x: 1-10094
comp.windows.x.announce: 1-237
comp.windows.x.apps: 1-1765
comp.windows.x.intrinsics: 1-833
comp.windows.x.motif: 1-12811
comp.windows.x.openlook: 1-40
comp.windows.x.pex: 1-394
fj.windows.misc: 1-14
fj.windows.x: 1-332
comp.windows.garnet: 1-174
comp.binaries.ms-windows: 1-65



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