pc/mac blast/fasta clients; gcgmenu; mouse database pc/mac

tsien_r at wums.wustl.edu tsien_r at wums.wustl.edu
Mon Feb 1 05:33:06 EST 1993

hi bionet software gurus:
i am in need of blast/fasta clients for the macs and ibmpcs.
i am also looking for the latest version of gcgmenu for gcg.
i am also trying to develop a mouse database program, if anyone knows 
of a good mouse database program, please send me info
any help/info is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
please email to tsien at pharmdec.wustl.edu

randolph tsien
washington university medical school
st. louis mo 63110
tsien at pharmdec.wustl.edu
tsien_r at wums.wustl.edu

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