GDE 2.1 source available

Steven Smith smith at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Mon Feb 1 07:22:34 EST 1993

For those of you requesting the source code to GDE 2.1, it is now available
on golgi.harvard.edu.  The release includes source for all core programs,
as well as all programs modified to work with GDE (MFOLD, CAP, etc.).  The
release does not include any of the unmodified external programs.  You
should get the most recent copies from their respective authors.

I hope to have modified .GDEmenus available soon for running GDE on Solaris 2.1
for those of you who have purchased Classic's/LX's.  I also hope to have the
next full release out (updates on all programs) some time in March.

As usual, the source code is not in the public domain.  You can use it, and
modify it to your heart's content.  Just don't sell it, or incorporate it into
any comercial product.  Please send any interesting modifications, or bug
fixes to smith at nucleus.harvard.edu or smith at bioimage.millipore.com.

Steve Smith
Millipore Imaging Systems

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