Phylogenetic analysis with DNA content

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.u.washington.edu
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In article <199312170152.AA03998 at postoffice.mail.cornell.edu> mal5 at cornell.edu (Muhammad A. Lodhi) writes:

>Can someone guide me how to do phylogenetic analysis on the data that I
>describe in the following, if possible;
>I have analyzed nuclear DNA content from 24 species (almost all diploid
>except one) of Vitis (grape), 2 other genera (other than Vitis, one
>genotype in each case) and several hybrids and cultivars belonging to 24
>Vitis species.
>am wondering if there is a way of establishing any phylogenetic
>relationship (or partial relationship) among the species and genera.

For each species you have one number (albeit in two replicates).  This
is in effect one quantitative character.  That's very little information
to use to make a phylogeny from.  I would suggest you try to get other
characters to add to these.

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