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Yecheng Wu wyc at bu.edu
Fri Dec 24 10:38:13 EST 1993

Dan S. Prestridge (danp at POGO.CBS.UMN.EDU) wrote:
: I am posting this for a collegue; does anyone know of any software that
: would fit the bill?

: Thank you,

: -dan
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: John Hunt writes:

: A question: Is there anyone you know of ... using a scanner to scan
: in rflp gen patterns and using software to archive/analyze/sort the
: patterns?  We are interested in doing this with pulsed-field gel
: patterns for epidemiology investigations.  There are some pc-based
: programs, but I am not sure they will allow any sorting by pattern
: for indexing and searching for a match with a new pattern.  Any 
: thoughts on whom to talk with would be much appreciated.  Thank you.
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Scanalytics/CSPI has a system called RFLPscan which does exactly what
you are looking for. For more information, you can call Chuck Vecoli
at 508 663 7598 ext. 2300 or email cvecoli at cspi.com

The system runs on PC in the Microsoft WIndows envionment. The price 
should be under $10,000 but I am not 100% sure. 

Good luck.

Yecheng Wu, Ph.D.

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