Error bars in Excel?

Anisur Rahman 5916rahmank at vms.csd.mu.edu
Thu Dec 23 20:24:13 EST 1993

In article <3954 at rc1.vub.ac.be>, plebrun at minf.vub.ac.be (Philippe Lebrun) writes:
>In article <2ekvke$ot8 at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu>, evw2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Eric V. Wong) writes:
>|> Does anyone have a macro or something set up to graph
>|> error bars automatically (or heck, even manually) in
>|> Excel? I'd be most grateful for a few pointers.
>I use high-low-close charts. Limited, but useful.
>When heavy-duty charting is necessary, I use SigmaPlot.

There is an Excel macro package called 'Xyem' (pronounced zyme) from
Bang Two Rocks Software Tools. This is an add-in macro and can do
error bars and several other things. Their phone no is
(302) 764-6670.


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