shopping for CCD setup

Bryan Douglas Crawford bryanc at fraser.sfu.ca
Thu Dec 23 16:54:47 EST 1993

I'd like to solicit some net.advice on what sort of apparatus to
purchace for doing computer-aided digital light microscopy.  We're
thinking of buying something along the lines of a color CCD, a
computer of some kind (preferably PC, as that's what the rest of
the machines here are) with a high-res frame grabber, a tape or worm
drive for storage of large image files (possibly time-lapse series),
a video printer, and software to drive it all.
Does anyone out there have any experience with a setup like this?
What sorts of things should I be looking out for when shopping in this
market?  Can I do this for around $10kCDN?  Who are the major vendors?
Anyone I should avoid?  What sorts of future directions should I be
aware of?  And can anyone suggest annother appropriate news group to
post this to?


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