Manipulating and printing GCG graphics with PC

David L. Northcliffe dln4300 at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU
Mon Dec 20 15:24:55 EST 1993

I missed the discussion, but I was told that there has been some interest
in printing GCG graphics in this group recently.  I personally have tried
pass-through printing and PostScript files with no success at all.  What
has worked very well for me is the WP Corp. presentation graphics
programs DrawPerfect and its successor, Presentations.  Even WordPerfect
itself will work to some extent.

The WP programs all have the ability to import HP plotter files.  What
you need to do is configure GCG to print to a HP plotter (I use the
default HP7550), and have the output directed to a file instead of a

To do this, type "hpgl" at the Vax prompt.  You will get a list of
plotters to choose from.  Select one.  Then you will be asked what port
is the plotter connected to.  Type a name for the file you want GCG to
print to.  Then you will be asked for a page size and you will be ready
to go.

Note:  I am a little hazy on the above procedure, and I am not currently
on our GCG machines so I can't verify it at this moment.  But it should
be fairly accurate.  A long time ago I added several commands to our
login.com file to make the GCG graphic mode changes much quicker and
easier.  The relevant line for the above mode is:

	$       hp :=='HPGL' HP7550 hpout.hpgl a4

All I have to do is type "hp" at the Vax prompt and the system is set
to print a HP7550 plotter file called "hpout.hpgl" using A4 page size.

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