Physiology education software

Adam Birnbaum abirnbau at genesis.Mcs.Com
Mon Dec 20 14:08:52 EST 1993

Our company has developed a computer simulation of human physiology
for education of first year or more advanced physiology.  The simulation
runs in real time in Windows 3.1, and requires a 486DX33 to run, since
it is solving a host of differential and algebraic equations to produce
data on the coupled cardiovascular, pulmonary and renal systems.  The
interface allows you to look at numerous pressure waveforms, gas
exchange data, electrolyte levels and countless other pieces of information.
Several clinical interventions are available, including fluid infusions
vasoactive drugs, and ventilator controls.

For more information or for a demo program, please email me.

Adam Birnbaum
Critical Concepts, Incorporated
Suite 502
1525 E. 53rd Street
Chicago, IL  60615

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