Commercial Mac Primer Design Software ?

Jeffrey Joseph Martino jjm3 at konichiwa.cc.columbia.edu
Sun Dec 19 23:30:12 EST 1993


In your opinion what's the best _commercial_ Macintosh program for 
PCR/sequencing primer design.

The lab next to ours has a bit of money to spend (an increasingly rare 
condition) and will let us use the program too :-).  They are looking for 
something comprehensive, but with an easy user interface.  Right now they are 
using a Mac IIsi and me to run freeware programs, but they want 

Quote:  "I want to enter a template sequence, show the acceptable region of 
the template I want the primer(s) to bind, and let the program choose the best 
primer or pair -- minimized secondary structure, minimized self-dimer, 
minimized dimer with other amplimer, etc."

Any and all comments on your experiences are appreciated.

--Jeff Martino

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