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Fri Dec 17 15:29:28 EST 1993

In article <9312101858.AA12122 at pogo.cbs.umn.edu>, danp at POGO.CBS.UMN.EDU ("Dan S. Prestridge") writes:
> I am posting this for a collegue; does anyone know of any software that
> would fit the bill?
> Thank you,
> -dan
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> John Hunt writes:
> A question: Is there anyone you know of ... using a scanner to scan
> in rflp gen patterns and using software to archive/analyze/sort the
> patterns?  We are interested in doing this with pulsed-field gel
> patterns for epidemiology investigations.  There are some pc-based
> programs, but I am not sure they will allow any sorting by pattern
> for indexing and searching for a match with a new pattern.  Any 
> thoughts on whom to talk with would be much appreciated.  Thank you.
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One solution is to buy a Millipore BioImage system.  This is a Sun 
Sparcstation that is configured to do all of that.  Of course it will cost

Andrew Cockburn

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