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Jan Post jpost at nki.nl
Thu Dec 16 20:21:32 EST 1993

In article <19931214232638.bloksber at thomashaw-at.css.msu.edu>, bloksber at pilot.msu.edu  (Leonard N. Bloksberg) says:
>In Article <2ekvke$ot8 at usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu> "evw2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Eric V. Wong)" says:
>> Does anyone have a macro or something set up to graph
>> error bars automatically (or heck, even manually) in
>> Excel? I'd be most grateful for a few pointers.
>> Eric
>I have drawn them in manually with the line drawing functions in excel, or
>I transfer my data to SlideWrite.  SW is a presentation graphics program 
>designed for the accedemic market, and has excellent data handling functions,
>including error bars, split y axis, dual y axis, statistics, curve fitting,
>and more.  I recomend looking into it.  Last year I reviewed MS Powerpoint
>(very smooth and easy, but no advanced features), WP Presentations (excelent
>text handling, but otherwise nothing special), Harvard Graphics (a total dog),
>Lotus Freelance (overall, very nice, but not great in any catagory), Correl
>Draw (Great Draw functions, but a system hog.  I don't have a machine that
>can run it properly),  Micrographics designer (nice draw functions, but not
>much else), Aldus persuasion (fantastic on screen presentations, but not much
>else), Sigma Plot (A waste of my time), and Slidewrite (a small company 
>program with a few bugs still, ok draw and text functions, great output 
>capacity (more important than you might realize until you try to print), and
>exceptional data handling functions).  Since I am a scientist, and most of
>my slides are to present data, the data handling functions are most important
>to me.  I realize that I will probably draw lots of flames from people who
>like all the other programs that I mentioned, they all have their strong 
>suits.  I don't mean to say that any of the others is no good, just that
>their focus is not what I want.  SlideWrite is.
>        BTW, SW will import exel data very smoothly, no need to re-enter it.
>SW runs only on IBM, no Mac version.  There is a windows version, and a full
>function DOS version that will run on an XT!  I think it's the only one that
>will.  The company that makes SW can be reached at:
>        Advanced Graphics Software
>        5825 Avenida Encinas
>        Suite 105
>        Carlsbad, CA  92008
>        619-931-1919    phone
>        619-931-9313    fax
>        800-795-4754    free phone
>I have no connection to AGS, I just use their products
>        Leonard N. Bloksberg
>        bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
>        Dept. of Crop and Soil Science
>        Michigan State University

I do agree with you that Slidwrite can make error bars, but I find it a hopeless program.
Just try to put two or more graphs on one single page, terrible outlining etc. etc.
It is indeed easy to use if you only want very basic graphs. When you want something
more powerfull I recommend SigmaPlot. It has a lot of capabilities and options. 
I agree that it is bit complicated to learn, but when you know your way arround it is perfect. 
SigmaPlot for Windows has a lot of import filters, and you can always use the clipboard.

Jpost at nki.nl

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