Error bars in Excel?

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Details deleted...

>My explanations might be complicate, but once you learn how to do that, you 
>will see that it works easily, and faster than me writing all these. I am not 
>good in macro writing, but I am sure that all this procedure may be done by 
>macro, providing you give the proper number of the series you want to start 
>the overlay graph. If something is not clear, feel free to contact me by 
>e-mail, I will go to excel and look at the exact commands, name of menu 
etc...>Gilles Bronchti >   


I could have used this information about a year ago, when I tried to make 
Excel do the work of a graphing program.  I found that I could get it to fit 
sets of data using the solver function, but I never got the error bars 
working.  As a result I switched to Origin for Windows for fitting and 
plotting and it has been able to take everything we've thrown at it.  The 
program has a few quirks, but for our work, it was much better and faster than 
SigmaPlot for DOS.  I wonder if the windows version is any faster?
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