Error bars in Excel?

Roy Goodacre rrg at uk.ac.aber
Thu Dec 16 04:15:19 EST 1993

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>>Subject: Re: Error bars in Excel?
>>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1993 14:04:18 GMT
>Drawing error bars in Excel is certainly not obvious, but it is quite easy to 
>do when you understand how the program works. I'll try to explain how I am 
>drawing real error bars (not hi-lo-close) in my graphics, using the capacities 
>of the soft:

	[complicated prose deleted]

>My explanations might be complicate....


Your explanation is certainly complicated Gilles; but unfortunately true. 
I too have used a similar method.  The simple answer to this problem is 
don't use Excel (at least not XL 4) I hope XL 5 for Windows will
allow us to do real error bars.  Personally I use XL purely as a 
spreadsheet and use Grafit 3.0 for Windows to make decent graphs.

If people are insistent in wanting to do error bars in XL then the
simple answer is write to Microsoft - hopefully if they get enough
letters they may do something about it (although don't hold your breath)

Roy Goodacre

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