Error bars & presentation graphics

Antonio Guia guia at CC.UManitoba.CA
Wed Dec 15 02:02:07 EST 1993

> I transfer my data to SlideWrite.  SW is a presentation graphics program=
> designed for the accedemic market, and has excellent data handling functi=
> including error bars, split y axis, dual y axis, statistics, curve fittin=

In terms of quality of the program I must agree, but I did find a few
shortcomings in the program that prevented my using it.  I am not sure if
this has been fixed in newer versions, but I have to handle
computer-sampled electrophysiology data, meaning a long stream of numbers.
 There was a limited data buffer space such that an entire trace could not
be imported into the datasheet portion without doing some dangerous data
filtering.  I had to abandon the program.  Later when using tension data I
tried it again and it performed quite well, but it was much too awkward to
add text and arrows to the figure, and when I exported the figure to .cgm
format, i found that everything became messed up when it got imported into
freelance/dos or coreldraw.  I have not tried the windows version, has the
data limit been removed?   In the summer I tried a program on a coworker's
computer and it did everything i needed it to do: Origin (MicroCal).  The
only drawbacks that I have found with Origin so far is that it is not
quite as intuitive as it should be for a Windows program. =20

> and more.  I recomend looking into it.  Last year I reviewed MS Powerpoin=
> (very smooth and easy, but no advanced features), WP Presentations (excel=
> =FCtext handling, but otherwise nothing special), Harvard Graphics (a tot=
> Lotus Freelance (overall, very nice, but not great in any catagory), Corr=
> Draw (Great Draw functions, but a system hog.  I don't have a machine tha=
> can run it properly),  Micrographics designer (nice draw functions, but n=
> much else), Aldus persuasion (fantastic on screen presentations, but not =
> else), Sigma Plot (A waste of my time), and Slidewrite (a small company=
> program with a few bugs still, ok draw and text functions, great output=

one feature sadly lacking in many graphing programs is the ability to plot
scatter graphs of more than one line with different x,y.  Many of the
programs which I have tried force you to enter x,y1,y2...yn, and as a
result of having numbers with different x values one must leave many empty
values arranging them linearly instead of in parallel.  This makes it
difficult to see the data together for quicker visual comparisons, and
makes the printouts rather messy.  Does slidewrite improve on this?=20
(Origin does not).

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