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RYBICKI, ED ED at micro.uct.ac.za
Mon Dec 13 18:56:59 EST 1993

> There was a recent thread on video gel imagers....

I also read, and was educated by - then UV Preoducts came and did a 
demo here, of their integration / save picture setup: this is a CCD 
camera with a "black box" with 1.4Mb stiffy drive (PC 
compatible)which allows integration of pictures with exposure times 
of 0.1 - 4.0 sec, and saves them to one Mac and two PC formats (TIFF 
and PCX).  I played with the TIFF files on both a PC and a Mac, and 
they were excellent - 8-bit colour, easily reduced in size (of file) 
by saving as 256-grey scale thru a PC utility or via NIH Image.  The 
beauty of the system is that it is CHEAP compared to any other 
proprietary setup and it is MODULAR in that you can buy the minimal 
hardware (box and camera) - and nothing else, as there is lots of 
software out there for playing with images - for about $US 5000 
equivalent here, and probably cheaper across ponds and equator.  
The software is also modular, and at first sight of demo, looks 
pretty good.

UV Products: US tel 800-452-6788, fax 818-285-2940.
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