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Eric R. Hugo eric at bcserv.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Dec 13 16:32:11 EST 1993

Dear Bionetters,
     Here is the newest readme file from the kinsim/fitsim program
archive at Washington University.  All files can be obtained via anonymous
ftp to wuarchive.wustl.edu ( or the fsp protocol.  Hopefully
this will be of some use to those of you looking for an ADVANCED kinetic
simulation package.  This is not your typical Lineweaver-Burke/Michaelis-Menten
type package but if you need to simulate multistep kinetics (eg. ordered Bi-Bi,
etc.) you might find this useful.  Here's the readme file:

Welcome!  You have entered the kinsim archive at Washington University. The 
following subdirectories contain the kinetic simulation and  fitting programs 
described in Barshop et al. [Barshop, B. A., Wrenn, R. F. and Frieden, C. 
(1983)  Analytical Biochemistry 130, 134-145] (KINSIM) and in Zimmerle and 
Frieden [Zimmerle, C. T. and Frieden, C. (1989) Biochem. J. 258, 381-387] 
(FITSIM). These programs have been ported to the following platforms:
Silicon Graphics Iris (IRIX)
IBMPC ( msdos, windows and OS/2)
Apple Macintosh

The organization for the archive is as follows:

             docs/ documentation-see readme.doc in this directory
             mac/ see readme.mac  file in this directory
             msdos/ see readme.pc file in this directory
             sgi/ see readme.sgi file in this directory
             vms/ Vax versions see readme.vms
General information about obtaining these programs is obtained from TIBS ((1993
) 18, 58-60). Since this article was published new versions of KINSIM have been
The sgi version is courtesy of Dr. F. Rauschel's group.
winkin.zoo - Windows 3.x version of KINSIM,FITSIM and SFDISP ( a  data display
program) courtesy of Dr. Bryce Plapp
hopKINSIM.hqx a more recent version of KINSIM from Johns Hopkins University
(courtesy of Dr. Tom Pollard). This program is a binhexed self-extracting 


                            KINSIM AND FITSIM

The programs here, (KINSIM and FITSIM) are compatible with either VAX machines,
  with IBM PCs , with Silicon Graphics (IRIS) or with MACs (KINSIM only). The 
basic architecture for all programs is based on that originally developed by 
Barshop et al.
For instructions of the operation of any of these programs, you should obtain
the documentation from the docs subdirectory. Fortran source codes are located 
in the vms/vax version, in the IBM PC version and in the SGI version. The codes
can be obtained after downloding these versions to your computer.
Appropriate References: Please use these references in any publications that
rely on the use of either of these programs

 130, 134-145.

        ZIMMERLE, C.T. AND FRIEDEN, C. (1989) BIOCHEM. J. 258, 381-387.

All the original programs used are copyrighted. Permission is granted for any
          Any requests for information or updates should be sent to
                            Prof. Carl Frieden
              Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
                                  Box 8231
                   Washington University School of Medicine
                            St. Louis, Missouri 63110

                          Telephone: 314-362-3344
                   E mail address: frieden at bcserv.wustl.edu
                  who has agreed to serve a a central resource
                     for these progams and their updates
Newsgroups: bionet.software
Subject: kinetic simulation
  Eric R. Hugo, Postdoctoral Research Associate |eric at bcserv.wustl.edu
  Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics|finger above for            
  Washington University School of Medicine      |public key <-- 
  Box 8231, St. Louis, MO 63110_________________| (314) 362-3342

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