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In article <1993Dec5.104612.18639 at vax.oxford.ac.uk> epowell at vax.oxford.ac.uk writes:
>I need a Macintosh piece of software which will allow two things. Firstly I
>need to have a family tree drawing facility. Secondly I need that to be linked
>to a patient history database. Thus by double clicking on a member of the
>family tree one would be presented with that patient's medical history. 
>Now you would think such a thing would already be in existence but damned if I
>can find it. No doubt one could use AppleScript to link two seperate programs
>but I would prefer to avoid hours of development time.
>Any suggestions from out there on the Net? Could you post them directly to me
>as well as posting on this newsgroup please?
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Dear Requestor on the Bionet:

Ben Jones, Patti Soderberg, and I are currently building precisely the kind
of tool that you describe.  The pedigree can be built with phentotypic and
genotypic (if known)  displays and a medical database can be built for each
individual in the pedigree that is accessible for each individual.  We are
currently at a stage that we would love some serious criticism of our
interface design.  The program is being developed under the auspices of the
BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium and will be released next May on the second
volume of the BioQUEST Library, an electronic academic journal published
on a CD (Macintosh readable only at this point)  by
the Academic SOftware Development Group of the University of MAryland,
College Park.  Once published there, it will go through several years of
field testing before our editorial board will move it to what we refer to
as the "BioQUEST Collection."  If you agree to test our alpha software and
give us feedback, we will gladly acknowledge you in the associated readme on
the CD.

Please contact all three of us: jonesbb; soderber; and jungck at beloit.edu
if you are agreeable to field testing our software.

Thank you for your inquiry.


John R. Jungck, Ph.D.
Editor, The BioQUEST Library
Professor and Chairperson
Department of Biology
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
voice: (608)-363-2267
FAX: (608)-363-2718
email: jungck at beloit.edu
email: JUNGCK at Beloit.edu

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