Biophotonics Files?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Fri Dec 10 11:54:00 EST 1993

There was a recent thread on video gel imagers.  I liked what I read, and 
our department is now trying to buy a Biophotonics unit.  Yesterday we had
a demo of the unit.  Pics look good, but I asked him to save some files 
to my disk.  No problem.  *.tif or *.pcx.  I tried to import them into 
Slidewrite 1.1 for windows and got "file format not supported".  When I 
imported the *.pcx into windows paint, it opened fine but with lower
resolution.  Then I saved the windows paint file as test.pcx, and slidewrite
was able to open it just fine, but still not the original *.pcx.  I 
transfered the file to the mac and opened the *.tif in MS word.  It opened,
but again, poor resolution.  I am not very impressed with this performance.
	Has anyone worked with files from the biophotonics, and with what
software?  Might my problem be due to the exposure values when the file
was saved, with biophotonics software, or with my software?  I am refering
to both the import problem and the resolution problem.
	Any extra comments about the biophotonics in general would also
be appreciated, especially regarding the densitometry and fragment size 
analysis software.  Picture taking ability and economics have already been
discussed to death here.  Thanks.
	Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
	Bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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