Mac/IBM interface questions

Vincenzo Nardi-Dei vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Fri Dec 10 09:36:21 EST 1993

Doug wrote:

>In article <931208193047.20211aa1 at CSUSYS.CTSTATEU.EDU> Finally Graduating,
>>       Without starting a flame war, I would like to ask some advice.  I
>>presently own a Mac SE (dinosaur) and will be purchasing a new computer
>>soon.  Many of the biology and education software I use is soley for the Mac,
>>but I have become quite dependant upon the IBM as well.
>>       If I was to get a Mac, I know Soft AT will run IBM programs, but does
>>it also run Windows 3.1?  How does the PC-Orange card stack up? Are there
>>other options?  If I was to get a PC, is there any decent Mac emulation
>>out there?
>Sounds like you are a good candidate for the new Quadra 610 DOS Compatible
>configuration, which recently won a "Best System" award from Byte magazine.
>It simultaneously runs Windows/DOS and Mac software. I think it would
>be somewhere in the vicinity of $2K for a "normal" configuration, but
>don't quote me.
>You might also be able to add the card containing a 25-MHz Intel 486SX to
>a normal Quadra 610, but not advised for other Macs (projected to be < $500).
>Only problem is I don't think it is out quite yet.
It sounds very nice, but $2K is for Quadra 610 DOS Compatibe configuration
including the card containing a 25-MHz Intel 486SX?
I am a foreign student (Italian) in Japan, and the prices here for
Machintosh are prohibitive (for instance a Quadra 610 NOT Dos Compatible
costs around 500K Yen that's around 5,000 $ (!!!!)).
Of course I am not going to buy it in Japan; could somebody tell me
if it is possible to buy such Quadra in USA, but from here, by mail?

Thank you very much indeed.


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