Mac/IBM interface questions

Wed Dec 8 19:30:47 EST 1993


	Without starting a flame war, I would like to ask some advice.  I 
presently own a Mac SE (dinosaur) and will be purchasing a new computer 
soon.  Many of the biology and education software I use is soley for the Mac,
but I have become quite dependant upon the IBM as well.
	If I was to get a Mac, I know Soft AT will run IBM programs, but does 
it also run Windows 3.1?  How does the PC-Orange card stack up? Are there
other options?  If I was to get a PC, is there any decent Mac emulation
out there?
	So as not to fill up the net, I will compile the results in about a
week and publish them here.

				Thanks in advance,

				Dan Lettiere

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