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moreaut at univ-tours.fr moreaut at univ-tours.fr
Thu Dec 9 13:01:11 EST 1993

dear colleagues,

thank you very much for all the replies I got from the 2 messages I sent
these last days relating to Mac and ribbon questions
I have got so many replies that it's difficult to sent individually my thanks.
I think this is not necessary to summarize these replies since my questions were
more novice questions that questions of general interest.

I have been able to download the Ribbon program at the ccp4 ftp site and 
decompress it on my SGI. Several questions are now appearing:

1/ As I do not have Frodo on my platform, I do not know if I can view one of
the file generated by Ribbon with InsightII from Biosym 
another possibility would be to view the postcript file with PSview but shall I
conserve the colors ? the last possibility is to send the postscript file to
a laser writer (but black and white in my case)
has somebody experiences with that ?

2/ the program seems to be VMS specific, is it better to run it on the
SGI (unix based) or on a Vax: I have both possibilities?

3/ any details relating to set up this program are welcomed 

thanks in advance for your kind help


Dr Thierry MOREAU
Laboratoire d'Enzymologie et Chimie des Proteines
URA CNRS 1334   2bis, Bd Tonnelle  37032 TOURS Cedex  France

Fax: 33 47 36 60 46
E-mail: moreaut at univ-tours.fr 

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