Is there a good alignment program?

farmerj at yvax.byu.edu farmerj at yvax.byu.edu
Tue Dec 7 13:58:27 EST 1993

     Two of my colleagues and I are looking for a program which
will align DNA sequences from different populations and from
different species.  We would like to be able to align several
(ten or more) sequences at a time.  I can run it in DOS, MS Windows, or OS/2.
We also have the ability to run it on a VAX.

     The program we own, an older version of PCGene, is not
adequate for our needs.  If possible, we would like to avoid
purchasing another big program that does a huge number of things
that we don't need to do.  We would be happy with a stand-alone
alignment program.

     Can anyone point us to a freeware, shareware, or commercial
program which might meet our needs?


James L. Farmer

Department of Zoology
571 WIDB
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84602, USA

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