PAGE analysis software. BANDLEADER upgrade

Maayan Aharoni maayan at world.std.com
Tue Dec 7 13:50:56 EST 1993

I am now releasing a new improved version of BAND LEADER.

The new features include:

**** SPOT information extraction and manipulation
**** Automatic BAND extraction from PROFILE
**** Improved IMAGE CLEAR function

All new features are documented extensively in file README.DOC
distributed with the software.

BAND LEADER can be obtained by anonymous FTP from:

HOST:  world.std.com

in directory : /ftp/pub/genesoft

BAND LEADER software includes 4 files.  
The executable code takes about 250k bytes.

All the files are ZIPPED into a self exploding file called:
        BANDLEAD.EXE    (about 300k bytes)

!!! If you use FTP make sure you transfer the file as BINARY.

To extract the files in BANDLEAD.EXE do the following:

1) Copy BANDLEAD.EXE to a new directory created on your PC.
2) Execute BANDLEAD and 4 files will be created on that same directory.

BAND LEADER executes under Windows when you run the file LEADER.EXE

Before you try to execute BAND LEADER read the file README.DOC

Alot of thanks to all the users who made comments and suggestions.  Please
continue to register with me and to send your comments.

Write to Ma'ayan Aharoni address:

        Maayan at world.std.com

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