Help wanted on becoming an Internet site

Wed Dec 8 14:25:00 EST 1993

Dear netters,

I am a newbie to Internet and TCP-IP, so my excuses if this is (as likely) the
wrong newsgroup. I would like my computer to become an Internet node; it is a
486-33MHz with 8 Mb RAM and 200 Mb HD. Which one of the two is better:
a) buying some Unix OS (which one? do all of them include TCP-IP SW?) and then
   using it as a Unix workstation
b) keeping MS-DOS and using Lantastic for TCP-IP

Furthermore, my only connection to the rest of the world is via a 9600-baud
modem (it is actually something inside a big telephone from Ericsson) which acts
as a serial direct link in many aspects; do I need additional software?
Finally, I have another problem that Digital has not been able to solve:
our local Microvax II is connected to two 2400 baud MNP5 modems (directly and
via a DEC-Server); to use data compression, the link between the Vax and the
modem should exceed 2400 baud (say 4800 or 9600) in order to allow the modem
to compress data; however if my system manager or me try to set the port to
this speed, the characters get garbled. Anyone has any idea? I have asked a
few people here in Italy (including DEC), but no use.
Thanking in advance,

Paolo Tomasi

Paolo Tomasi MD PhD             voice: +39-79-228282 | I may not be
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