Reference management software and SEQANALREF

Gordon Hutchinson hutch at ulam.generes.ca
Wed Dec 8 01:01:32 EST 1993

While people are on the subject of reference manager software, I thought
I would mention the connection with Amos Bairoch's SEQANALREF database,
since those interested in sequence analysis will like having this database
available for use by their bibliographic retrieval software.

Here is a quote describing the database:

"SEQANALREF is a  bibliographic reference data bank relative  to papers dealing
with sequence analysis. This data banks stores the references of articles from
the expanding field of  mathematical  and  computer  analysis  of biomolecular
sequences. The majority of entries belong to one of the following categories:

 - Algorithms for protein  and nucleic acid  sequence  analysis:  primary,
   secondary and tertiary structure analysis; pattern matching; similarity
   searches; alignments, etc.
 - Algorithms for sequence-based phylogenetic analysis.
 - Description of biopolymer data banks:  nucleic acid,  protein, tertiary
   structure, carbohydrates, etc.
 - Description of software packages.
 - Description of on-line services for molecular biologists."

For those of you who choose PROCITE note the following:

"Erik Sonnhammer  (erik at vaxh.nki.nl) has written  a MS-DOS based program that
converts SEQANALREF to ProCite format.  This program (SAR2PCIT) is available
from the EMBL Data Library File Server. To obtain it you must send a message
to the following electronic mail address:

                        netserv at embl-heidelberg.de

    The message should contain the following line:


I seriously considered buying PROCITE for this reason, as I wanted to use
the SEQANALR database to help in the bibliographies for papers.  I decided against
the purchase because I wanted a windows program that would be compatible with
Microsoft Word.  I ended up buying Reference Manager for Windows, and am very
happy with it. I re-wrote Erik's program, this time in C++, to convert
SEQANALREF to Reference Manager's RIS format.  I added the importation of the
abstracts as well as the basic reference.

The program, called SAR2RIS, is available (DOS executables and source code) on the
EMBL file-server (follow the same directions for SAR2PCIT, but use the line:


Alternatively, you can get it by anonymous ftp from ulam.generes.ca
( in the /pub directory.

Gord Hutchinson (hutch at ulam.generes.ca)
Canadian Genetic Diseases Network
Dept. of Medical Genetics
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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