Przemko przemko at reks.uia.ac.be
Tue Dec 7 06:40:27 EST 1993

I had some questions about Antheprot but the mail sent to
deleage at ibpc.fr bounced. So I will post it here. Maybe some
of you know the answers and could help me

Thank you for the very nice program. It is something that I have been 
looking for a long time. I have however some questions.
How I can print? I have a postscript printer on lpt1 and it seems there 
is no way I can print.
Would there be a way to have the program accept not only FASTA generated 
output but also some other (GenBank, IG Suite etc). For one or two 
sequences it does not matter but for more it becomes rather cumbersome to 
go to the text editor and convert it each time.
How about using databases on remote site (via Ethernet/Winsock etc)? This 
would reduce the required disk space.
Do you plan to develop a Windows version? That would be very nice 
considering that all the word processing/slide 
making/printing/communications is done via that way (not only in my case 
I guess).
When I will become more familiar with the program, I will probably have 
more questions to ask. BTW, the secondary structure prediction, would it 
be possible to have it as actual ribbons, helices etc. I know, this is 
REALLY asking too much, but just in case...
ThanX again
Przemko Tylzanowski
Dept. Biochem.
Univ. Antwerp, Belgium

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